We were established in 1989 as a family business and in August 2013 we relaunched with a new look and vision. We are distributors of the finest body oils sold to date.

We have a huge selection of fragrances and have access to numerous more that are not cataloged. We continuously get new fragrances in on a weekly basis. Our body oils are alcohol-free, we also carry imported fragrances from around the world. 

New Ashraf does business one way and one way only. That's by being honorable and distinguished. We take the fragrance and cosmetic business seriously, by being open on time and serving the community with a wealth of services, like faxing, sending and receiving, we also sell postage stamps and we are home for those just looking for a place where they can have a nice civil conversation.

We would love for you to become part of the New Ashraf family, the only thing we ask is that you come as is. All are welcome.

"we do more than smell good, we taste good"


  1. Best oils in the Land, I prefer to wear them more than cologne!
    George Moss
  2. The New Ashraf has top quality oils, some of which you will not find with other vendors. Their service is beautiful and they offer delivery service.
    Nadiyah Habeeb-Ullah
  3. The best, if you find one better let me know. 12 years + favorite place in Cleveland.
    Sonya Murphy